sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Learning Spanish - Presentacion

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Bienvenidos al blog Learning Spanish HD. I am from Spain and I am preparing tutorials for Youtube and exercises with the Spanish Grammar here in the blog.

I am not very good with the technologies so I think that this page will be prepared on February - March 2012 ( Sorry about that because i am learning how to do interactive spanish exercises too so you can get a self-correction instantly ).

I feel sorry because it is not only the exercises and the videos is also the Logo and the diferent programs about Graphics,Edition,... that is why the waiting is a little bit longer.

In the near future you will find videotutorials on Youtube too at :


you will have access with your smartphone too through the QR code of the Youtube Channel while on the go.

and we will be in contact at :

Google Plus

One more thing : This english information feed will be the unique thing that you will read in English because the more you are in a spanish environment the better for your spanish skills.
It doesn´t mean that if you have any question or doubt about Spanish language you wouldn´t get an english reply about Spanish : ) in English but if you do your best in spanish i am sure that your improvement will be significant.